allongée Brides

Recently engaged or coming up on your big day? Congratulations! We know that wedding planning can be quite the challenge,  often feeling as if there is simply not enough time to get all of the many pieces in order before your big day. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a few programs to help ease the planning stress! 

From creating your first dance to hosting private Bachelorette/Bridal party classes to memberships geared toward helping you reach your physical goals by your special day, we’re all about maximizing your confidence from the moment you walk down the aisle and say “I do” until the end of your celebration. 


pictured: allongée bride Amelia S.; photo credit: BarrieAnn Photography 

pictured: allongée bride Amelia S.; photo credit: BarrieAnn Photography 

1. For the bride: Special rates on memberships and private lessons using our comprehensive programming along with hands-on training plans to ensure you’re feeling your very best on your wedding day. 

 -90 days of unlimited group classes : $195 per month. 3 month term, auto-renew available. Purchase here

- 10% off 10 Private lessons. Email us to request discount access.  

2. For the bridal party: Is your Bachelorette party or Wedding Day taking place in Philly? Bring the girls for a Sweat and Sculpt sesh with us! Special rates upon reserving. Email us at for more info/to reserve! 

3. For The Couple: First Wedding Dance creation and rehearsals. Jillian is a seasoned wedding dance choreographer with more than 50 wedding dances in the books! We recommend 8 lessons to completion, and we will even complete a run-through at your venue prior to your big day if you wish. With efficiency in mind, we don’t waste time going through the painful motions of classical dance training. Creation of your first dance should be authentic and original, and the couple should be involved in the creative process- it is, after all, a representation of you both and your union.

With all eyes on you as a newlywed couple for those 3-4 minutes, it’s always a good idea to have a plan (i.e. choreography) so as to avoid  what we refer to as the dreaded “awkward 1st dance”. Our goal is to get you and your partner comfortable moving together, performing steps that you enjoy and that will look and feel natural to both you and your “audience”. 

To find out more about our process and for booking options, email us at